About Carla

I have worked on:

  • major motion pictures + documentaries

  • music videos + commercials + trade shows

  • festivals + rock & roll tours + photo shoots

  • public art projects

I have worked in:

  • Hollywood + Atlanta + Boston

Along the way, I have sharpened my skills in:

  • project management + coordination

  • collaboration + workflow efficiency

  • event planning + marketing strategy

  • production consulting + media liaison

Some of my career highlights include:

  • dancing on the Soul Train stage (after hours)

  • meeting Lyle Lovett + Sarah McLachlan + Steven Tyler

  • playing basketball on the parquet of the old Boston Garden

  • visiting 46 states + 4 left to go!

I am a graduate of Emerson College.

Simply put, I get stuff done. Like ticketing the main venue on a cruise ship using an excel sheet and a wristband machine while staying up all night to meet a deadline. Or driving non stop from Austin TX to Atlanta GA to deliver a band to their flight. (They made it.) No project is too complicated. I will get it done.

Kick It Up Consulting