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  • Carla Scheri

That Time I Got Food Poisoning On Tour in Seattle

Okay, well technically, I got the food poisoning in Portland. I was on tour with Indigo Girls and we had just played this super cool old theater. It was a fun night, I had seen some old friends and I was in very high spirits. The next stop was Seattle, a town I absolutely loved. Also, any day in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest was a good day to me. I was wrapping up the merch table when someone from the venue appeared with a plate of food. I don’t remember what it was except that it had some sort of dipping sauce. Oh, you conniving little dipping sauce, I know you were the culprit. You know when you know something is wrong but for whatever reason you just don’t follow your instincts? That was me when my brain kept telling me that the dipping sauce tasted a little “off”. For some reason, I kept eating it. It was a huge plate of food so I started sharing it with a fan I had met that night. We had some laughs amid the buzz of the lobby as everyone was filing out. That post-show “I just attended an Indigo Girls Revival” buzz. I loved it, as a fan and as their crew and I still do to this day. So time goes by, the venue empties and I load my stuff out of the venue and in to the trailer. “Uh oh”, I thought. My stomach feels dicey. Having suffered from food poisoning before I regretfully knew the feeling. As I’m making my way toward the bus, I happened to look across the street to see my food sharing friend, sitting on the curb, head in hands, looking like she was about to be sick. “UH OH.” No, no, no!!!! Please God, don’t do this to me. Riding the bus was already a loaded proposition for this girl as my motion sickness always vied to win the battle. I won of course because nothing was going to keep me off the road. But this just must tip the scales tonight.

Thankfully it was only a 2 hour ride to Seattle, then the bus would stop moving and hopefully I could just get some sleep in my bunk. Gingerly I got on the bus and rode shotgun next to the driver the whole way just to be on the safe side. The bus did park but there was no sleeping. There was pain and cramping and sweating but no sleeping and no puking. That was good, but also bad. I just wanted that wretched dipping sauce out of me! Morning breaks and as the crew awakened I was in such a state that our fearless guitar tech Sulli gave me some sort of remedy that was supposed to help. “You need to walk it off friend”, Sulli advised. At this point the bus was parked outside of the band’s hotel on the street but we were in a cool intown neighborhood so there was a mix of businesses, houses, cafes etc. There were a ton of people out and about. I stagger off the bus having not slept for 24 hours, my hair could not have been messier and I was wearing my (slept in) black The Cure Head on the Door t-shirt. I was a disaster. So I started walking. I made it off the main road, around the corner and on to a fully residential street. And sure enough, Sulli was right, her remedy got everything moving and I very unceremoniously threw up in somebody’s bushes in some damn neighborhood in the middle of Seattle at 10 in the morning on a Sunday. It was then that I realized that it was Father’s Day which is why there were so many families out and the neighborhood was jumping. It also occurred to me that anyone who saw me would have fully assumed I had just gotten off that tour bus parked around the corner presumably living the life after a hard night of partying. Little did they know it wasn’t booze as it should have been. Just a bad case of dipping sauce. But I never would have admitted that had any of them asked. Rock and roll!

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