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  • Carla Scheri

That Time I Had A Moment With...

So back to the magical land of Atlanta in the 90s. 1995 maybe? I went to The Masquerade to see legendary punk rock bassist Mike Watt. He was touring for his new record which I loved and much to everyone’s delight Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder were playing in his band. The opener was a band I never heard of called Hovercraft. It turns out Hovercraft was Beth Liebling’s band. Eddie Vedder not only was her husband, he played drums that night while wearing a wig and basically fooled the entire audience at the show. Also on the bill was an unnamed band that Dave Grohl was heading up. They were testing out new songs before officially releasing their debut album. At this point, they didn’t even have a name. I wanted to go to this show so badly that I blew off a gig with the band I managed at the time. That was a big deal cuz man I was dedicated to that band!

Anyways, I’m super psyched and I go to the show by myself. I get right down front up against the stage and I’m the small punk rock girl with the big curly hair in army shorts, t-shirt and flannel. I landed in front of a group of young girls who were also super psyched to be there. After watching Hovercraft and doing the usual wait it out between bands thing, Dave Grohl hit the stage. The crowd went wild! God, I love that live show energy! I remember him leaning down to get his foot pedals right and immediately this group of very excited girls behind me started screaming and shouting his name and reaching out their arms and it was like a wave of raw, wild, rock n roll excitement. And the wave came up and over me and they were all climbing up my back to get closer to Dave as if I wasn’t even there to also enjoy the show. I was just the inconveniently placed obstacle in the way between them and Dave Fing Grohl. I was using the stage to prop myself up and I looked up at Dave while under the crush and he was looking at me and we just kind of locked eyes and I got the distinct impression he was commiserating with me while simultaneously saluting me for my punk rock chops of handling the onslaught. I think he also appreciated that I wasn’t a screaming girl calling his name along with the fact that we were probably pretty much wearing the same outfit. I don’t know. We had a moment. It was real. It was knowing. It was connected. It was awesome! In fact, much to my surprise, it lingered so long that I’m the one who looked away first! It was overwhelming, that moment with Dave Grohl and I had to look away. And of course immediately I was like Aaaaaargh why did you look away!!!!! And then the band started and of course they totally rocked. It was epic. It was loud. It was everything you wanted in a rock show. Pure, unadulterated, sweaty, rockin’ fun. I learned after the fact that it was an early incarnation of The Foo Fighters. Their debut album was released a few months later and the rest as they say is history. But not for me. I still relive that moment from time to time and revel in the glory and gratefulness of once having lived a supremely rock n roll life.

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