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  • Carla Scheri

That Time I had lunch with Cyndi Lauper

In 2007 I hit the road with Indigo Girls. Thrilling to say the least as they are one of my all time favorite bands and I viewed this opportunity as a peak moment in my career. And besides, who doesn’t love swinging merch on the road? And the road with IG was sublime. Two of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. And it was a small crew, just 7 of us. One bus, one family.

One of our stops on that tour was in Las Vegas for the True Colors Tour. It was organized by Cyndi Lauper and benefited various orgs such as the Human Rights Campaign and PFLAG. On shows like that I didn’t actually sell the merchandise because the big arena people did it. All I had to do was deliver inventory and pick it up at the end of the night so it was a virtual day off for me. I hit the catering area close to lunch to get some writing done. It was a big show and the room was packed. I looked around and grabbed the last empty table. In that fleeting moment of surveying the room I thought of high school for all the obvious reasons. And then I felt relieved because this wasn’t it. So I sit down thinking I’ll hold the table for my crew as they were on the way. So I’m sitting and I’m eating and I’m writing….and I look up and I see Cyndi Lauper enter the room. Of course my heart jumped in a holy shit it’s Cyndi Lauper!! kind of way. She gets her food then I see her look around. Aaaah, all of the tables are full I think to myself. Then in what I can only describe as some sort of slow motion rock n roll fantasy I realize that Cyndi Lauper is walkkkking riiiiight towarrddd meeeee. Then whoooosh, there she is. “Is this seat taken?”, asked Cyndi Lauper. “No!”, I replied, closing my journal and hoping my inner dork didn’t just reveal itself. So, she sat down. We start talking and she’s totally friendly and nice and her accent was amazing and holy shit with the MTV again.

I must say I was holding my own and keeping my composure. At that point I had a lot of practice meeting famous people so I could at least keep my act together on the outside. I also have one eye on the door looking out for the IG crew because I couldn’t wait for them to walk in and learn who they too would be having lunch with. So a few moments go by and I’m in a groove, thinking “F yeah! I’m having lunch with Cyndi Lauper!” when it finally dawns on me who the woman was who accompanied Cyndi to the table. I had been talking with this woman for several minutes already but all of sudden it hit me. Holy Shit this woman is Margaret Cho!!!!! What!!!! I’m having lunch with Cyndi Lauper AND Margaret Cho? For the love of God, WHERE IS THE INDIGO CREW??!!! They finally walk in and I wave, like a big wave. They see me, assess the situation and I immediately think, “Ooh, we’re gonna have fun talking about this on the bus tonight!” They sit down and Cyndi in her glorious NY accent asks “Hi, who are you people?”. One of them responded that we were the Indigo Girls’ crew. Cyndi then said “Oh, Indigo Girls, I looooove them, where are they?”. At this point I’m expecting Captain Lou to break through the wall of the catering area and just make this dream complete. Lunch went on, we all had fun, Cyndi and Margaret get up and leave, me and my crew exalt in the joys of being on the road and eventually I reopened my journal and wrote it all down.

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